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Get Onboarding Right and Employee Turnover Will Reduce Itself

Employee Onboarding is Your Best First Step to Stop Turnover Effective onboarding boosts new hire productivity, confidence, connection and satisfaction. This leads to improved retention. The most successful companies onboard over months, not days. Ongoing checkpoints and training help cement roles and where available, assigning a well matched peer mentor creates connection and relationship.Employee Onboarding […]

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Employee Turnover: The Real Reasons Employees Actually Leave

Is the grass really greener?Now that we have gotten over ourselves and our management biases and old wives tales, let’s look at the realities.  We delineated what employers might believe is causing turnover.  According to recent studies and actual surveys, while pay and benefits contribute, the research shows the top reasons people actually leave jobs […]

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Main Causes of Turnover and Institutional Knowledge Loss

Understanding the root causes of turnover is key to preventing it. The top causes include: Lack of career development and advancement opportunities Poor compensation and benefits Minimal training and onboarding Lack of recognition and feedback Poor relationships with manager/leadership Feeling devalued or insignificant Poor work-life balance Lack of autonomy and empowerment Unclear performance expectations Lack […]

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