Employee Handbook Policies

The handbook is the foundation and the framework for your HR architecture.

If you have a cheap, DIY, or un-retouched employee handbook, you need to rethink your situation. Your handbook may be the one thing that crashes OR saves your company… and your wallet.

FACT: MOST employment lawsuits come down to what you have written in your handbook. Not just what it says, but HOW it says it and WHERE it says it.

Where there is no handbook: We will create one that is comprehensive, and compliant.

If you have a working handbook: We will determine whether your current handbook is up-to-date, whether formatting and organization are in compliance with court decisions and mandates, and where there may be weaknesses or threats.

Our process is highly interactive and well-honed over nearly two decades.

If you are using a template from the internet or from software that you purchased and had to customize yourself, you are probably out of compliance with your policies.

If you received a handbook from your payroll company or benefits broker, you are probably out of compliance and your handbook is irrelevant to your particular situation.

We watch new legislation and every court case, ruling, and regulatory recommendation in real-time. This ensures that when a word, phrase, practice, or policy is found to be necessary or detrimental, a legally compliant change is immediately implemented in our clients’ handbooks.

We work with you to create a unique and comprehensive policy manual that your employees will understand.

My Virtual HR Director has created a premium handbook product that includes an interactive process.

We personally spend time with you to understand your company, your culture, and your goals and then craft a wise and highly effective employee handbook.