About Us

Celebrating 16 Years in Business!

"Plug and play” My Virtual HR Director into your business and get the Fortune 500-level HR administration and protection that you need!

Today, with over 100 clients, a nationwide staff of expert and knowledgeable employees, and over 3000 client-employees represented in our 15 years plus; My Virtual HR Director has taken its place as the first to market with “Virtual” or outsourced HR that looks and functions just like an internal HR Department.

Our founder, Joseph Campagna, learned early in his career that HR is a customer service function. As Joe puts it, “Everyone HR deals with is, in some way, a customer who deserves to be treated with a high level of care.”

As an executive and Chief HR officer, Joe worked with owners and managers to create:

Impeccable HR Compliance,

Business Partner Strategy,

Employee Friendly Culture, and

Competitive advantage for the business.

The lack of reliable resources for businesses to hire and sustain a Human Resource function has a devastating effect on morale, retention, recruiting, productivity, and ultimately on your profits.

Without nuanced experienced HR guidance, owners and managers make uneducated decisions and execute ill-advised employment actions. All of this culminates in lost time, lost productivity, lost talent, and lost profit. 

My Virtual HR Director allows employers to operate efficiently and in compliance with HR requirements.

Who We Are

My Virtual HR Director is an HR Outsourcing Service (HRO) firm. We provide a specialized service [Human Resources] that accomplishes the tough tasks that you either don’t want to do, or can’t afford to do in-house.

Our HR experts act just like an internal HR department for your company.

We can be seamless to your employees and act like an internal HR staff or you can let employees know that your company is looking out for them by bringin in an objective outside HR firm.

We become your personal HR advisor, a trusted member of the management team, a resource for employees, and a coach for your management. Our payroll specialists and HR Generalists take the burden of administration from you and your staff.

We do all of that with the type of experience and subject matter expertise that normally commands an executive compensation package. Our virtual programs allow us to provide you with so much more for so much less!

We are experts in human capital, personnel, employment compliance, employee benefits, HR policy, employee handbooks, discipline and termination, and any other HR related specialty. When you come to us, you don’t have to waste your time trying to become a jack of all trades. When it comes to Human Resources, that type of cramming can get you in trouble.

Each HR Executive and Administrator within My Virtual HR Director is an accomplished and experienced professional. Our human resource professionals come equipped with a drive to provide the highest level of service possible. Our virtual executives are at the top of the group and hold a certification in one or more HR areas of expertise. Many of our HR Generalists and Administrators are also certified HR professionals.

Why We Exist

It is never our intent to replace competent HR professionals or departments where they already exist. Our main function is to provide an invaluable service to businesses by engaging employees with excellence in HR. We can also come along side more junior or clerical HR personnel in order to provide the leadership and the priceless expertise that is so desperately needed.

As a private company owned wholly by a committed believer in Yeshua HaMeshiach [Jesus the Messiah], the greatest reason for the company’s existence is to glorify the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

What Makes Us Different

A Team of HR Experts at all levels awaits you!

You're getting a full HR Department!  Most HR Consultants or HR Outsourcing companies are offering you the service of one HR representative.  Often times, the consultant is a one-person show.  

With My Virtual HR Director, you can get an actual HR Department.  It will be customized to your specific needs.  Depending on your unique situation, you can have a real HR Department with an HR Director, an HR Manager and a Payroll Specialist.  Or maybe you need an HR Project Manager and a Specialist like a compensation expert.  

Why You can’t Go Without Us One More Day

You have a business to run.
Your management team has operational priorities that you depend upon.

You cant afford to go wrong on people issues.

About Our Leadership

The company was founded by Joseph Campagna III, SPHR after having had fifteen years of progressive and exponential human resources experience.  Along with other senior HR consultants, the leadership team has well over 200 years of HR expertise and know-how.  

Nearly 30 years of expertise and HR executive authority combined with a group health insurance license and certifications from the Society for Human Resource management and the Human Resources Certification Institute have given Joseph Campagna the guru status that has earned him leadership roles, board of director roles, and speaking engagements related to human resources.

Mr. Campagna founded the company in 2008 during the economic downturn, but was still able to create a successful organization based on outsourced virtual HR services.  We were virtual before 'virtual' was a thing!  Having started a career in the PEO industry, Mr. Campagna gained exponential experience in HR.  In the mid 1990's, PEO's were a new innovation and still evolving as an industry.  Mr. Campagna, while working for one of the largest employee leasing companies in the nation, brought HR to the forefront.  It was his innovation to make HR a selling point and a competitive advantage.  By creating systems and processes including reproducible templates and forms and introducing documentation systems that have since become industry standards, Mr. Campagna catapulted HR to the top deal closer for the PEO's salesforce.

As the HR leader for an employee leasing firm, Mr. Campagna gained exponential experience.  Instead of practicing HR for one company and one management team in one industry, he was doing HR for hundreds of clients and creating HR functions from scratch.  

After leaving the PEO industry, Mr. Campagna spent many years in Fortune 500 HR departments and became an HR executive in large international corporations.  Having also gone through start-up and IPO environments, he knew it was time to start My Virtual HR Director. Mr. Campagna's experience with small and large businesses had proven to him that companies need affordable and reliable HR guidance no matter what their structure or budget.

My Virtual HR Director is the culmination of deep experience and an extremely wide breadth of HR expertise. 

Today, with nearly 30 years in human resources leadership, Joseph Campagna is our practice leader creating HR compliance for hundreds of clients through his staff of HR teams.  He is also a speaker and author on HR topics and trends.