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A Full HR Department

Whether you are growing fast, just lost your HR practitioner, or just need a full department where there isn’t a budget for one… We give you a fully staffed HR department that solves your problems and costs less than you might pay for just one employee.

Stop wasting your valuable time or your staff’s time doing difficult technical payroll work. We take the function off your plate and ensure it’s done right. Garnishments, unemployment forms, payroll reports… We take the burden off of you. 

Through an affordable subscription, this is your hedge against unforeseen human resource problems that provides executive level guidance at an extraordinarily low price. You control when and where to tap expertise to guide your employment decisions. 

Expert Knowledge

An HR consultant available any time you need it, all at a cost you can afford.

A Human Resources Outsourcing firm based out of New Jersey, My Virtual HR Director provides small and medium sized businesses with consultative senior Human Resources professionals who are experts in employment-related issues and available at any time by phone, email, or onsite. 

A human resources professional is an important asset in today’s complex employment environment. Now, any small or mid-sized company can afford a highly-qualified HR team added to your management team.

All the benefits and value of an expert HR resource for your management team without attendant payroll costs, benefits, taxes, and office expense. Find out more about the advantages of our services and benefits for your company.

Discover how our specialized Human Resource Outsourcing firm can help take the burden of HR administration off of you and your staff, while providing you with the expert guidance you need.

Speak with an experienced HR executive who can provide the informed answers you need for the improved human resources management you want. We work with clients in New Jersey, New York, and across the country.

Employee Turnover Calculator

The High Cost of Poor Management When employees leave, it often requires time and money to find and train replacements. There are a number of associated costs with turnover including advertising job openings, recruitment fees, interviewing time for managers, orientation and training of new hires, temporary staffing to fill gaps, and reduced productivity as new…

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Increase Employee Engagement and Retention… by Outsourcing HR

Employee Engagement and Employee Retention Are Hot Topics and Hard Concepts Finding employees is still ridiculously hard and keeping them can be harder. Engaged employees are retained employees.  Better Human Resources standards and practices can help.  Better than just policies and programs are real live HR experts who facilitate their success. High turnover costs companies…

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URGENT: What NJ Employers Need To Know About Unemployment Reporting

NJ Unemployment Reporting Just Got Harder. Outsource Unemployment Reporting Now! New Jersey employers need to start preparing now for significant new unemployment insurance reporting rules that went into effect last month. Recent changes to the state’s Unemployment Compensation Law will require electronic submission of all communications with the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce…

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Building a Strong Company Culture Through HR Outsourcing

A positive company culture has a huge impact on your business success. Engaged employees are more productive, creative, and loyal. But shaping the right culture requires expertise and resources many HR departments lack. That’s where HR outsourcing comes in. The Strategic Value of Company Culture Your company culture consists of the shared assumptions, values, and…

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Can You Outsource HR?

The Smarter HR Strategy Every Business Should Consider As a business leader, you wear many hats. From overseeing operations and finance to managing employees and growth, your responsibilities span the entire company. With limited time and resources, it’s tough to excel in every area critical to success. That’s why more and more organizations turn to…

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