Outsourced Payroll Administration &

Managed Payroll Service




Our U.S. based expert payroll outsourcing specialists will act just like your own internal Payroll Admin, running your payroll on your existing platform.

We won’t make you change your payroll provider…

We are not a payroll company. You can use your existing vendor and we most likely have payroll specialists who are experts with the vendor you are using.

If you don’t like your existing payroll vendor, we have partnerships with top level services that can improve your service and either enhance your functionality or lower your costs.

Our Payroll Experts Can Handle Complex Needs

  • Garnishments
  • Accruals
  • Unemployment
  • Disability
  • Court Orders
  • Differentials
  • Commissions
  • State Registrations
  • Benefit Deductions
  • Large Populations
  • Remote Workers
  • Multiple Locations

…None of these are a problem for us. Complex payroll processes and compliance requirements are easily handled by our staff who do the work for you. Our services include relieving administrative headaches like unemployment reporting and disability paperwork.

Also included with your payroll service are:
-Benefit deduction reconciliations
-Unemployment management
-Disability claims management
-Employment verifications

All of our U.S. based payroll experts have 10 years or more of experience and undergo full background investigations. They will act just like your own internal staff, contacting managers for payroll issues like missed punches, and speaking with employees about payroll issues like garnishments and direct deposits.

What to Consider When Outsourcing Payroll

Outsourcing Payroll with My Virtual Payroll Manager is safe. We only use U.S. based employees – no contractors or third parties offshore. Because all of our Payroll Experts work in accountability teams and are background checked both globally and nationwide, you can rest assured there are controls. Also, each payroll team also has an HR Manager for oversight on your function. You will receive on-demand payroll reports and when you have outsourced payroll with us, you have as much insight into the process as you would like including approvals and on-demand reporting.

Payroll Implementation Made Easy

Implementing a new payroll system? We can make HCM implementation painless! Our experts have implemented diverse systems and we know how to sidestep payroll implementation pitfalls. We will create a project plan for your implementation. And a project manager from My Virtual Payroll Manager will guide the whole process in coordination with the payroll vendor’s implementation team.

My Virtual Payroll Manager ensures that you and your team are taking advantage of all of the payroll functionality and bells and whistles for which you are paying your payroll vendor. Our team optimizes the payroll modules and we make sure your employees get the most out of the payroll system.

How To Choose A New Payroll Company

Looking to switch payroll companies, but you aren’t sure what vendor to choose? We have experts in the field who know the different systems available and can advise you about which payroll vendors or time and attendance systems most closely match your needs. In addition, we may be able to get you a better deal since we know the market and the players in the payroll space.

My Virtual Payroll Manager Provides Solutions

No matter what payroll outsourcing solution you need from time and attendance to implementation, My Virtual Payroll Manager has the experts to help you solve your problems and make your payroll run smoothly.

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