It Is Not A Question of ‘What Is HR Outsourcing,’ It Is The Question of 'WHEN Should I Outsource Human Resource Functions?

Business owners and CFO’s have a lot on their plate. Operations, finances, and steering company strategy take priority, and HR tasks like payroll, compliance,  and employee relations can become burdensome. But outsourcing these functions to an HR consulting firm that is specifically built to handle it can save you time and money while improving employee satisfaction and retention.

Here are the top reasons you need to start planning to outsource your HR:


Access to Real HR Expertise

Internal HR staff try hard.  Often, HR was something that happened to them as opposed to something they were good at or focused on.  For your company to save time and money, you need HR consultants who are experts in their field. An outsourced HR provider stays current on ever-changing employment laws and best practices. This expertise ensures you remain compliant and avoid costly lawsuits. If you choose the right HR consultants. they also bring experience managing HR for companies in your industry and your employee population size.

Save Money

From salary and benefits to office space and software costs, hiring an in-house HR staff is expensive. Even more so when they are a one-person show.  Outsourced HR provides economies of scale and passes the savings to you. True HR experts offer flexible, scalable solutions to meet your HR needs without extra costs.  You can turn a small or one-person internal HR department into a highly functional team of HR experts dedicated to your business.

Improve Efficiency

When you outsource HR tasks, your staff can focus on core business activities. HR Consultants can handle everything from recruiting and onboarding to payroll and benefits enrollment, in a much more efficient manner. This lifts administrative burdens from you and your team.  And because you are having real experts and HR specialists doing the work, you, the business leader are not wasting your time fixing mistakes or putting out HR fires.  HR consultants don’t quit a 5:00 either. 

Enhance Employee Experience

HR consultants bring best practices through employee engagement surveys, training, retention incentives, and other programs. This expertise creates a positive and productive workplace culture that attracts top talent.  If you are dealing with employee conflicts or discord in your company, there is nothing more effective than an objective outside HR consultant to engage employees and mediate to a solution.

Minimize Compliance Risk

Compliance may be the single biggest improvement from human resource outsourcing. Employment laws differ by state and local jurisdiction. HR consultants stay on top of the complex and changing legal landscape. This vigilance reduces compliance risk and protects you from lawsuits.  HR consultants are also dealing with multiple companies and that gives them exponential exposure to employment problems… and that leads to exponential knowledge and experience that internal HR isn’t going to have.

Access Technology

Outsourced HR leverages specialized HRIS technology you may not have in-house or your HR staff hasn’t been able to master. This provides advanced analytics about your workforce and automated solutions to simplify HR processes.

Save time. Save Money. Save Your Sanity!

When you outsource HR functions to experts, you get strategic capabilities that support your business goals. This frees you to focus on growth and operations while avoiding the hassles of HR administration.

A Note On The Right HR Consultant

When we talk about finding the right HR consultant, we of course, mean us. We hate to be HR snobs, but the truth is there are a lot of consultants who work for 20 years at some big company and then hang out their shingle as a consultant thinking they can go from a corporate HR department for 2,000 employees to dealing with your unique population. 

In order to outsource HR, you really need an HR expert with diverse experience or a consultancy with a diverse team of consultants.  My Virtual HR Director has both.  At you can see why we satisfy both.  We are a little leery of most consultants because we correct other consultants’ poor work all the time.

We are built as a truly outsourced HR department and provide you with a team of HR experts at three levels of the HR spectrum: Executive, Manager, and Admin.  Our clients get a real HR department with real experts.

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