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Strategic Human Resources Guidance and Project Management for Your Biggest HR Challenges

Whatever your HR challenges, true expert consultants have been there and done that.  Get professional project deliverables and ensure you are compliant and doing everything you are required.

Flexible Work Schedules Explained

What Are Flexible Work Arrangements?Flexible work arrangements refer to any policies, practices or informal arrangements that allow employees to have greater flexibility and control over when, where and how they work. These arrangements move away from the traditional 9-to-5, office-bound schedule to better accommodate employees’ diverse needs and promote work-life balance.The key benefit is giving […]

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Make Work-Life Balance a Real Thing In Order to Stave Off Turnover

All work and no life leads to burnout and high turnover.  After studying work-life balance for over 20 years, I’ve seen firsthand how critical it is to employee wellbeing, corporate stability, and business results. But what does balance really mean, and how does it impact turnover? Work-life balance is about creating sustainable lifestyle rhythms, not […]

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Employee Turnover Conquered With Gamification

Gamification: The Secret to Engaging and Motivating Employees In my previous article, I explored how incentives drive employee behaviors. An emerging technique called “gamification” leverages gaming mechanics to incentivize engagement, productivity, and learning in the workplace. As games motivate players to gain skills, badges, and rewards, gamified work systems can powerfully motivate employees.Decades of gaming […]

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Top 10 Compensation Planning Trends

By: Don McDermott, D.G. McDermott AssociatesToday, staying abreast of the latest compensation strategies is critical to retaining talent and reaching your organization’s strategic goals. These ten trends are your roadmap to ensuring your compensation planning remains competitive and aligned with your business strategies and the needs of your workforce. 1. Pay Equity and Diversity The […]

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Recognize And Reward Good Employees

Plainly put: you can stop employee turnover and attrition with on-purpose recognition. Recognizing achievements fosters engagement and loyalty. Employee recognition goes far beyond the occasional gift card or plaque. Authentic appreciation that rewards magnificent work should be intrinsic to company culture. Recognition boils down to providing incentives. The key to nailing it is know what […]

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Don’t Let a Toxic Workplace Spread Into Turnover

The saying “people join companies but leave managers” has many applications and often rings true. Toxic managers destroy morale, performance and retention. A toxic worksite refers to a workplace environment where there is a negative or hostile organizational culture fueled by disrespect, mistrust, discrimination, harassment, bullying, and other unethical behaviors. This leads to high levels […]

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The Trust Gap Problem Creating Employee Turnover

  Related to and stemming from transparency is honesty. Employees stay when they see honesty and integrity as company values. Lack of trust in leadership severely damages retention. Telltale signs that your practices are creating a trust gap include: Policy changes or decisions made without explanation Perks taken away without reason or input  Pay or […]

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Transparency is Key to Increase Employee Retention and Reduce Turnover

Transparency and open communication drive employee retention and company success. Time and again, secrecy sparks rumors, distrust, and turnover, while transparency drives understanding and buy-in. Employees who see openness as a core company value are 31% more likely to stay long-term. I have seen it over and over in my long career.  And I have […]

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