HR Helpline

This is your hedge against unforeseen human resource problems and allows executive level guidance at an extraordinarily low price. You control when and where to tap expertise to guide your small business.More…

Flat Fee Recruiting

We do the sourcing and allow you to decide who is best for your small business. These fixed recruiting rates will help you get the best candidates quickly and efficiently without having to pay 20% commissions! More…

Harassment Training

One sexual harassment complaint can topple your small business and its reputation. Training for workplace sexual harassment is an important component to any company’s affirmative defense puzzle. More…

Human Resources Consulting in NJ

Based out of New Jersey, my Virtual HR Director provides small and medium sized businesses with consultative senior Human Resources professionals who are experts in employment-related issues and available at any time by phone, email, or onsite. It is like having an HR consultant available any time you need it, all at a cost you can afford.

A human resources professional is an important asset in today’s complex employment environment. Unfortunately, many small and mid-sized companies can’t afford the cost of the highly-qualified HR resource they need as a member of their management team.

Have an HR Consultant Available Any Time

My Virtual HR Director solves this problem with consultative executive HR professionals who are there when you need them and always available at a moment’s notice. You get the benefit and value of an expert HR resource for your management team without attendant payroll costs, benefits, taxes, and office expense. Find out more about the advantages of our services and benefits for your company.

Speak with an experienced HR executive who can provide the informed answers you need for the improved human resources management you want. We work with clients in New Jersey, and across the country.


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