Reasons Employers THINK Employees Leave

leaving the nest
Employees leaving the nest?

Listen up, managers. We need to have a heart-to-heart about why employees really resign.

The harsh truth is, we often misread the reasons people quit. It's natural to assume they're leaving for more money or chasing lofty personal goals. But those assumptions miss the mark.

Want people to stick around? Take a hard look in the mirror. Because our own practices as leaders - the culture we create, the way we communicate, the workloads we assign - drive voluntary turnover more than we'd like to admit.

Trust me, I've been there too. It's easy to point fingers outward when someone resigns rather than asking "What could I have done better here?" But getting defensive leads to a cycle of more people heading for the exit doors.

So where do we go wrong? The data shows a big disconnect between why employers THINK people leave versus the actual reasons:

  • Lack of trust in leadership,
  • poor work-life balance, and
  • unhealthy culture rank high in reality.

Ouch. That stings to hear. But we can't improve retention until we confront our own blind spots head on.

The more we reflect on our real culture versus the one we aspire to, the better we can support our team. That starts with looking within first. I know together we can become the kind of leaders that inspire loyalty for the long haul.

Many employers attribute employee turnover to generational differences - believing younger workers lack loyalty and job hop more frequently. They assume people leave primarily for more money or for entirely personal reasons unrelated to the job. While competitive pay is important, these assumptions miss the mark on the true driving factors behind turnover that are often within an organization's control. Listening to employees and taking proactive retention measures provide the true solutions.

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