Get Onboarding Right and Employee Turnover Will Reduce Itself

Employee onboarding

Employee Onboarding is Your Best First Step to Stop Turnover

Effective onboarding boosts new hire productivity, confidence, connection and satisfaction. This leads to improved retention. The most successful companies onboard over months, not days. Ongoing checkpoints and training help cement roles and where available, assigning a well matched peer mentor creates connection and relationship.

Employee Onboarding Is Much More Than An Administrative Process

An excellent onboarding process is much more than paperwork - it's an immersive cultural experience that pays dividends in talent retention.

On their first day, new employees are hungry to understand the company vision and values. New hires want to learn critical systems and processes.  They may not know it, but they want to get to know their teammates and find their new work friends.

Newly hired employees want to know everything they don't know yet about your company - the insider knowledge that expedites them getting up to speed. This thirst for information should be welcomed!

Sink or Swim Onboarding Equals Future Turnover

Yet too often, new hires are drowned in documents their first week and left to sink or swim. Without structured onboarding, they feel disconnected from the organizational culture and uncertain in their roles.

Onboarding Is An Investment In Lowering Employee Turnover

The companies we see prosper the most invest in onboarding processes spanning multiple phases. Tactics like assigning peer mentors, scheduling regular check-ins, and providing ongoing training past orientation set new hires up to truly thrive. In this environment, little frustrations get resolved before they become dealbreakers.

The numbers speak for themselves - structured onboarding programs have been proven to boost new hire retention by over 80%5. When employees feel valued from day one, they are far less likely to jump ship at the first better offer.

Of course, onboarding is just the beginning. Sustaining a culture of learning and inclusion takes conscious effort. But proper onboarding gets new hires invested in the company vision. They become more loyal to leadership and peers who help them succeed in those critical early days.

The time and resources to onboard well pay dividends through higher productivity, fulfillment, and retention.

Good onboarding that extends beyond orientation paperwork incorporates:

  • Sharing the company vision, values and culture
  • Introducing new hires to key team members and leaders
  • Providing training on systems, tools and processes
  • Setting clear expectations and performance standards
  • Assigning a mentor for ongoing support and guidance
  • Checking in regularly on progress and satisfaction
  • Soliciting feedback to improve the experience

Comprehensive onboarding processes are critical for reducing turnover rates.

The data clearly shows that employees who go through structured onboarding that focuses on cultural assimilation, role clarity, and networking end up staying at companies longer than those who receive minimal onboarding. This makes sense - onboarding sets the foundation for integration into the company and engagement with one's role. Employees who feel welcomed, prepared, and connected from day one have fewer reasons over time to want to leave.

With the high costs of continuously recruiting and training new employees, investments into onboarding infrastructure and training quickly pay for themselves through that increased retention.

Enable new hires to envision a future with the organization. For any business looking to decrease turnover, the key is not just attracting talent but setting that talent up for success from the start through onboarding.

In our next post we look at how job market trends can affect turnover rates and what you should do to keep up with the market.

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