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Navigating HR Compliance: Essential Insights for Legal Workplace Practices

Employers have a lot of regulations and laws to follow and they vary by state and often by municipality.  Stay up to date with solid news and insights from experts with decades of experience in human resources compliance.

Can an Owner Be Sued for Something a Manager Does?

Unraveling the Concept of Employer’s Agents In the intricate landscape of employment law, a critical question surfaces: Can an owner face legal repercussions for the actions of a manager? This article delves into the concept of “employer’s agents” and explores the legal nuances surrounding managers’ actions, providing valuable insights for business owners seeking clarity on […]

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URGENT: What NJ Employers Need To Know About Unemployment Reporting

NJ Unemployment Reporting Just Got Harder. Outsource Unemployment Reporting Now! New Jersey employers need to start preparing now for significant new unemployment insurance reporting rules that went into effect last month. Recent changes to the state’s Unemployment Compensation Law will require electronic submission of all communications with the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce […]

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