Should I choose an HR outsourcing company near me?

Is Closer Better?

A Practical Choice for Your Business?

As a business owner or manager, you might have wondered, "Should I hire an HR outsourcing company near me?" The answer may surprise you. While proximity is not a critical factor in selecting the right HR outsourcing partner, there are distinct advantages to considering a local option. We talked with My Virtual HR Director, a leading HR outsourcing company, that brings forth a unique blend of cutting-edge services and a local presence to serve employers within driving range effectively.  Here is what we found...

The Reality of HR Outsourcing Near Me or Wherever

In the realm of modern business, physical distance matters less and less. The proliferation of virtual communication tools enables seamless interactions with HR outsourcing companies, regardless of their location. Emphasizing actual expertise, related experience, and tailored solutions over proximity proves to be more beneficial for businesses seeking effective HR outsourcing services.

Embracing Local Value in HR

My Virtual HR Director presents a compelling reason for an employer to choose an HR Consultant near me. This company becomes an excellent choice for employers within driving range of their consultants.

A true case study just achieved by My Virtual HR Director last week involved a new client with an office in another state, and about 2 hours’ driving distance from our headquarters.  The client was acquiring an existing company and need to welcome the employees to the new company, go over policies and procedures, and layoff one or two employees who would not be continuing in the new venture. 

Because My Virtual HR Director offers this on-site service, HR experts were on hand to  take care of each of these needs.  They prepared the orientation materials as well as the separation materials and seamlessly acted as the HR department for the company.  The new owners never even had to be onsite themselves. 

Local presence adds significant value to your HR outsourcing experience.  Continuing with the example of My Virtual HR Director, their offerings highly assist employers in the following ways:

  1. On-Site Meetings for Optimal Engagement:

With My Virtual HR Director nearby, they can conduct on-site employee meetings, fostering better engagement and communication, leading to improved HR outcomes.

  1. Sensitive Processes Handled with Care:

Certain HR processes, such as investigations, audits, employee terminations, and engagement surveys, require a delicate touch. Our local consultants ensure the utmost confidentiality and professionalism when handling such sensitive matters.

  1. Proactive Responsiveness:

Having consultants within reach allows an outsourcing service to provide swift and responsive support, addressing urgent HR needs promptly, minimizing risks, and resolving critical issues efficiently.

  1. Understanding Local Dynamics:

As an HR consulting company, My Virtual HR Director takes great pride and shows extreme value through its unique ability to grasp your organization's unique challenges and intricacies better.  This allows for solutions tailor-made to align perfectly with your business goals.  Unlike with big-box outsourcing companies, your company isn’t just an account number.

  1. Compliance Expertise:

Navigating local labor laws, regulations, and compliance requirements is essential for seamless operations. An HR team must be well-versed with regional regulations, ensuring your business stays compliant.  This isn’t as easy as it sounds and any catch-all service that says they can is probably not providing you with local experts.  Honestly speaking, they are probably googling it the same way you could.

Balancing Technology with Human Touch:

Make sure to find an HR Outsourcing company that strikes a well defined balance between modern technology and personalized service. While virtual communication ensures efficiency, a local presence guarantees a spartan focus on your business needs and objectives.

“Technology is a must,” says Joe Campagna, President of, an HR Outsourcing service that includes My Virtual HR Director and provides local service options. “You need HR technology even if you are acting internally nowadays.  But a lot of HR Departments become a lot less human and a lot more cranky.  We strike a balance of technology with good old fashioned: know thy client.”

In conclusion, when faced with the question, "Should I hire an HR outsourcing company near me?" the answer lies in the value it brings rather than proximity alone. As we have seen with the example of My Virtual HR Director,  a good HR service offers unparalleled HR outsourcing services combining expertise, tailored solutions, and local presence to cater to employers within driving range.

Focus on what truly matters: HR excellence for your business success. Make the practical choice today and propel your business towards unprecedented HR efficiency.

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