HR Risk Assessment

HR Is Your Safety Valve

There are many areas of HR that literally protect your company from losing a lot of money. If you are working without a competent HR Department or if you are working with an HR Manager without requisite expertise, you are very likely walking a tightrope without a net. Don't put your company at risk of losing millions in lawsuits or going out of business.

HR Danger
  • Department of Labor Audits

  • Wage and Hour Audits

  • OSHA Safety Audits

  • Payroll Audits

  • Benefit Deduction Audits

  • Contractor Misclassification Audits

  • Salary Exemption Audits

Contact an HR Expert today to Protect Your Company

We can help you determine the areas of danger in your current structure and practices.  Our experts in each of the areas in which you can be penalized will go through our proprietary audit processes to get your HR and business practices into compliance.  You will have the comfort of knowing you have sealed the cracks and strengthened the foundations of your employment policies.