Virtual Human Resources Consulting Services

My Virtual Director provides expert human resources consulting services that help small businesses cope with complex legal and compliance issues. If you have employees, you have HR issues and must support the six main functions to run your business effectively.

However, you may not have the revenues to support a budget for a full-time executive level generalist. Our virtual human resources consulting services allow you to leverage our expertise without the high price tag.

Virtual HR Functions

Virtual human resources consulting services help a business of any size manage the many functions that a full-scale department might perform in a corporate setting. The issues remain the same regardless of the number of employees, yet the budgets to support the staffing do not.

Rather than expose you small business to unneeded risks, take advantage of our virtual human resources consulting services to perform the six main functions.

  1. Employee recruitment
  2. Workplace safety
  3. Labor relations
  4. Compensation and benefits
  5. Legal compliance
  6. Training and development

Virtual HR Costs

My Virtual HR Director allows you to “rent” executive level expertise. While your small business may not be able to cost-justify having a full-time executive on staff, you still may have the same human resources consulting needs.

Share a virtual executive with other small businesses to spread costs across a wider population of employees instead. Hire the expertise needed, at a much more affordable price.

Begin the process by requesting a quote for services.

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