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One sexual harassment complaint can topple your small business and its reputation. Training for workplace sexual harassment is an important component to any company’s affirmative defense puzzle. If having a full time HR guru on staff just is not a cost-effective option, you may be stuck in a do-it-yourself situation, which is time consuming, imperfect, and full of holes.

My Virtual HR Director has the tools to alleviate liabilities directly related to harassment and discrimination. We provide a package that includes training for all employees and supervisors, an elaborate anti-harassment policy, a comprehensive complaint procedure, our toll-free objective complaint hotline, and a monitoring mechanism to fulfill the sensing requirement.

Small Business Workplace Harassment Training

Small business workplace harassment training is an ounce of protection worth a pound of cure. You may not have the expertise to educate your employees proactively, but we do. This statement is rings true with sexual harassment when you consider the potential penalties, legal fees, negative publicity, and other liabilities of even one sexual harassment claim.

Employees and Supervisors

A proactive training program for small businesses not only reduces the chances of a harassment claim, it is the first piece of your affirmative defense puzzle should a claim arise. Take advantage of our certified program that teaches your employees and supervisors about conduct of a sexual nature, welcomeness, conduct that creates a hostile work environment, conduct that interferes with a person’s ability to do her job, and more.

Complaint Procedures

Comprehensive and confidential complaint procedures are the second piece of the affirmative defense puzzle for small businesses. Our training program will teach employees where, when, and how to voice their concerns.

Employees need to feel safe about reporting unwelcome workplace behaviors, know that an objective third party will review their claim, respond in a timely manner, and follow through with disciplinary action if warranted.

Small Business Workplace Harassment Policies

Written small business workplace harassment policies can keep you out of court. A written employee handbook with a comprehensive anti-harassment policy is the third piece of the affirmative defense puzzle. Again, prevention is your best way to create a welcome work environment, and defend your company in the event of a claim.

In order to establish an effective anti-harassment policy your company needs to publish and disseminate a written document that protects against retaliation, defines workplace harassment, covers harassment by anyone in the workplace, and encourages employees to report harassment before it becomes pervasive.

Complaint Hotline

A toll-free objective complaint hotline is an important workplace harassment policy. A helpline allows employees to voice concerns, and speak to a qualified HR professional, who is not directly associated with any supervisors or co-workers. The hot line provides an effective and practical grieving process for employees to use.

Monitoring Mechanism

Monitoring mechanisms are another important workplace harassment policy. Monitoring is the final piece of the affirmative defense puzzle for small businesses. While it is important implement the steps noted above, you also must take steps to make certain the process is working.

We can move as quickly as your small business allows and have your company’s affirmative defense up, running, and protecting your business. Do not let this piece of the affirmative defense puzzle land you in court, paying incredible legal fees and penalties!