Small Business Flat Fee Employee Recruiting Services

Save money and find the best candidates for your small business with our flat fee recruiting plans.

Small Business Recruiting Process

My Virtual HR Director’s flat fee recruitment services provide an excellent alternative to big-box recruiting houses. We do the sourcing and allow you to decide who is best for your company. These deeply discounted recruiting rates will help you get the most qualified job candidates quickly and efficiently without having to pay substantial recruiting commissions.

We search the major job boards for the closest matches to your job requirements and screen candidates to ensure quality and interest. You’ll receive resumes as quickly as you need them until you find the right person for your small business. Below are some examples of our flat fee recruiting rates.

Flat Fee Recruitment Service Rates:

Line Positions: $4,000
These are rank and file positions that are the backbone of your company.

Specialty Positions: $8,000
These are hard-to-fill or competitive positions in industries that require specialized searches. Examples include IT, market research, chemistry, and similarly difficult searches.

Management Positions: $10,000
These are supervisory and middle management positions up to Senior Manager.

Executive Positions: $12,000
Executives include Directors, Vice Presidents, and C-Suite.

Recruiting Subscription: $2,000/month
A monthly program that allows a new line-level job posting every 21 days.

Contact us today to discuss your recruiting requirements and how we can get the highly-qualified employees you need without high recruiter fees and haggling or hassle.

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