Small Business Human Resources Compliance Audit

We conduct complete Human Resources (HR) compliance audits for your small business covering all aspects of laws and regulations to ensure that inspections will reveal no violations. We find and fix your compliance problems so you can focus on your business without worrying about surprise visits from government agencies.

My Virtual HR Director determines which employment laws you are accountable for according to employee population, federal contractor status, and states in which you operate. We determine whether your company is in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, best practices, and industry-recommended standards.

We follow strict Human Resources (HR) compliance audit checklist to uncover vulnerabilities in your small business, so that you can take proactive steps to avoid costly litigation. Legal compliance and record keeping are the primary focus of our risk assessment.

Small Business Legal Compliance Audit

A Human Resources (HR) legal compliance audit helps small businesses avoid problems before they arise, and minimizes damage once an employee files a claim.

Employee Handbook

The handbook is the foundation and the framework for your small business HR legal compliance. We determine whether your current handbook is up-to-date, as well as whether formatting and organization compliant with court decisions and mandates. We can provide a complete and customized handbook for your company regardless of the status of your current document or the lack of one.

Employee Forms

We provide a complete set of customized forms with your company’s logo. All forms are up-to-date and provide compliance best practices. We will reorganize and secure your files as well as provide a document retention policy for all employee files that complies with federal and state laws.

Exemption Status, Overtime, and Wage and Hour Issues

Exemption status, overtime, wage, and hour issues are possibly the greatest immediate threat to any organization in light of current Department of Labor actions and the rise in employee-initiated lawsuits. We review your payroll and job descriptions to determine whether you have categorized your employees correctly under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).

We can conduct this part of the audit only if job descriptions are correct and up-to-date.


We will examine payroll compliance in new hire reporting, exemption status, and overtime payment and employee classifications. This does not constitute a contract, agreement, or promise for service. All services and deliverables will be detailed in a separate client agreement.

Mandatory Labor Postings and Notices

All states as well as the federal government mandate that certain labor laws and regulations be posted in the workplace according to certain formats and logistics. We will inspect existing posters for compliance, up-to-date status, and completeness. Eleven postings are generally required, but sometimes more.

Small Business Record Keeping Compliance Audit

A Human Resources (HR) record keeping compliance audit ensures that your small business has the information needed for a successful legal defense. Having the right documentation on hand means everything during a lawsuit.

Employee Files

We inspect employee files to ensure proper compliance with employee access laws and HIPAA privacy regulations, as well as for security and non-discrimination standards.

Human Resources Information System

If you keep employee records electronically (Human Resources Information System HRIS) and/or employees have access to self-service administration, we will examine security, service utilization, functionality, and efficiency. If no electronic services or records exist, a needs analysis will be completed.

New Hire Reporting

We will assess new hire reporting, and add a new policy if necessary.

Employee Benefits

We will review employee benefit programs where they exist and a benefit broker review will be included. We will submit enhancements or suggestions for a more comprehensive plan in the executive summary.

Workplace Harassment

We will scrutinize the affirmative defense for workplace harassment as it pertains to current practices. It will require policy adjustments, training, and complaint procedure. All will be provided including a live training presentation.

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